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Color Managed Mode in Resolve not matching the original FX6 Image


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Hi all!

I'm relatively new to Davinci Resolve and read quite a bit and watched a few videos about working in Color Management.

My issue is that the result I get from Color Management is much different from what was shown when I was recording at the time. (I shoot on an FX6, cine EI mode. This particular shot was at ISO 12.800 EI 3.200. WB 3472K with the light I used being 3500).

As you can see the image in CTB (which is the same as the preview in camera) is much warmer and overexposed as compared to the one in Resolve.

I tried changing the Color management settings and they do make changes to the image but none of them seem to be similiar to the original in CTB.

I read that it might be to do with monitor calibration but if that is the case surely it would affect both images (in resolve and CTB).

My aim is just for resolve to display the image as I have shot it originally without changes.

Thank you to anyone able to help!


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Huh. I've just realised this is the same for me. I had some issues like this a few years ago and Sony Creative Software helped me out. But several things in both Catalyst, Resolve, and my workflow have changed since then, and I don't think that's relevant now.

But I have just checked, and sure enough, my clips look completely different in Catalyst Browse and Resolve. I'm testing with an slog3/sgamut3.cine clip, shot on an FX6. I used the default 709(800) LUT to monitor, and had LUT metadata turned on.

You can see in my attachments below that the WFM looks different in Catalyst and Resolve. That's for the same clip at the same timecode.

I think part of it is might be because Catalyst ignores the macOS ColorSync setting (the option that is selected in System Settings > Displays > Preset). For example, I have that set to "Apple XDR Display (P3-1600nits)".

However, if I turn off "Use Mac display color profiles for viewers" in Resolve (Preferences > System > General) and then change my macOS display setting to "HDTV Video (BT.709-BT.1886)", then suddenly both Catalyst and Resolve look the same!

However, the waveform monitors don't change and still look different (note where things sit compared to 0%, and how the highlights clip on the Catalyst WFM, but not on the Resolve one). Only the video preview changes.

I suspect in my case, that Resolve is actually correct and Catalyst is wrong. Because Resolve is (when I turn "Use Mac display color profiles for viewers" back on) compensating for my laptop's display, but Catalyst isn't.

But why the waveforms look different, I am not sure. I'd have to get this clip back up on my camera to know which is correct. Might be a data/video levels issue.

I presume that if I was feeding both programs via SDI to an external display then none of this would be an issue. I can't test that right now, but will try to remember to at some point!


Catalyst Browse WFM:

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Resolve WFM:

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Catalyst Browse settings:

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Resolve settings:

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