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Catalyst Prepare/Browse does not preserve metadata


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I am using Sony Prepare to gyro stabilize video taken using the Sony A1.  It works well to stabilize the video but there are two glaring deficiencies with the software.  First the ability to batch process files is not there even though Sony says being able to batch process is a reason to purchase Prepare instead of using the free Browse. 

My main concern is that Prepare does not preserve the file metadata in the stabilized video file.  This looks like a major blunder to me.  I can find no settings that allow the metadata to be preserved.   Consequently I have hundreds of video clips that do not have the correct date/time when the video was shot, in addition to lots of other lost metadata (e.g. GPS data).   Is there something I am doing wrong?  Is there a way to transfer the metadata from the original video file to the stabilized file?

I also see that, regrettably, this forum is not very active.  Is there a better place to get help on this issue?


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