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In-Camera Effects

One of the biggest appeals of a camera is its ability to capture the world from a different perspective, and sometimes that perspective can be emphasized with the help of in-camera effects. I wanted to make a reference guide of all these interesting ...

s-l300.jpg diffusion.jpeg R-1435384-1340671538-8808.jpg IMG_7758.png

FX6: This Month In Nature - November 2022

One of my favorite things to do is to grab one of my cameras, a couple of lenses, a tripod, and them go out and film wildlife for a few hours in the evenings, on the weekends, or even for a few days in a row if I have time for a vacation. Photographi...

FX6-wildlifeconfigJensen.jpg MonthInNature-November7.jpg MonthInNature-November6.jpg MonthInNature-November5.jpg

Exposing darker over the years.

Back in the day when I first got my FS7 (and earlier), I didn't know what I was doing from a post-production standpoint and, like today, I was still learning something new about cinematography every day. After years of manipulating images in post, ma...

Yosemite Poem 2.jpg

Using Zebras when measuring S-log3.

If you use Zebras to measure the levels of an S-Log3 image then you should consider using a narrower Zebra range or window than the normal default 10% (+5% / -5%).Zebras were originally conceived for use with Rec-709 and other normal gamma curves. Wi...

YOUTH v GOV - Netflix Documentary - SHOT ON SONY!

I wanted to share the trailer to a documentary I had the great pleasure of working on, called YOUTH v GOV.  I was one of a few DPs on this long form doc project directed by my dear friend and stellar filmmaker, Christi Cooper.   We shot the project a...

One Lens to Rule them All?

In an era of sharp, lifeless digital sensors, it seems like everyone‘s hunting for that “film look”. Between adding grain, applying film stock LUTs, and even transferring digital footage to film and back again, it seems like people are desperate to b...

61Bx+YgtQvL.jpg 1.20.1_1.20.1.jpg DSC07541_box.jpg DSC07541_crop.jpg

Do Your Lens Tests!!

On lower budget projects, we sometimes don’t get the luxury of a prep day—or sometimes even if we do, we might only check that the gear isn't broken. But if you’re concerned with the outcome of the final product, I would encourage you to do more thor...

_MG_1971_1.JPG pan_welded.jpg three in a row.jpg

Basic Guide to Car Rigging

So you want to mount a camera to a car? There are so many ways to do it, it’s overwhelming, and it’s easy to get wrong, only to find out later your footage is ruined. I’m making this post because I didn’t have a guide when I started—I figured it out ...

_MG_1894.JPG cinema camera setup.jpg _MG_1901.JPG IMG_4424.jpg

A few frames from New Mexico

Here are a few frames from our last day of shooting after 2 total weeks of shooting a feature doc on food and culture. Shot on FX6 and FX3 below, I am very pleased how well they cut together.      

New Mexico 5.jpg New Mexico 4.jpg New Mexico 6.jpg New Mexico 7.jpg

Time-Lapse with the FX6

Time-lapse is a filmmaking technique where a cinematographer shoots a series of still pictures (generally of the same frame) at a chosen regular interval for a series of time.  These pictures are then played together in sequence, showing an event unf...