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Short Film shot on FX3

I recently completed "The Backpack" short film shot on the FX3. I will also be using the A1 for an upcoming thriller/horror feature film as the main camera and FX3 as a B-cam.  

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Tips for shooting anamorphic on the FX3 or FX30

I recently used two Sirui T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame anamorphic lenses for my winter field test with the FX3 and FX30. I wasn't sure what to expect from the budget anamorphics, but I was pleasantly surprised!I don’t care about oval bokeh. In fact, I’m not ...

IamOakley by Leading Creator
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Using the A1 for an upcoming feature film

I'm a previous owner of the FX6 but I'm loving the look and portability of the A1. Yes I'm willing to give up ND's, Cine EI etc. for this. I will be using it on an upcoming thriller but would like to see more cinema oriented features that other brand...

Resolved! FX6: This Month In Nature - November 2022

One of my favorite things to do is to grab one of my cameras, a couple of lenses, a tripod, and them go out and film wildlife for a few hours in the evenings, on the weekends, or even for a few days in a row if I have time for a vacation. Photographi...

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Is the Original Sony a7s Still Relevant in 2023?

Every once in a while, while scrolling through Reddit, I come across some filmmaking-related post that reads something like "what's a good cinema camera I can get for less than $300?" The people posting these could not be more distant from reality, b...

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#ShotOnSony - The Territory

One of my favorite docs of the year is The Territory by Alex Pritz.  This brilliant film depicts the conflict between Indigenous inhabitants of the Brazilian Amazon and pioneering settlers hoping to profit from the land.If you haven’t seen it, I’d re...

Norway and the Northern Lights 2023

Just a heads up that I will be heading off to Northern Norway on January 11 for my annual trip to shoot the Northern Lights. This year I will be taking my FX3 and FX30 along with my Xperia Pro phone and as the internet connection where we go is bette...

What are your Zebras Measuring in CineEI?

Zebras are a very useful way to measure exposure levels, whether that's skin tone levels or the brightness of a middle grey or white card. But, if you are going to use Zebras it's really important that you know exactly what it is that they are measur...

Campfire fun!

My friends and I recently got together to shoot a short film by the fire in one day.The close-up was shot on the Sony Venice in 6k OXCN and the Tokina Vista 50mm T1.5 and the wider shot was shot on the FX6 and Tokina Vista 35mm T1.5.I have very littl...

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How to remove unwanted audio tracks from XAVC clips

When first-time users of Sony cameras get into post, they are often surprised to discover that some of their clips have 4 channels of audio, and some will have 8 channels, depending on the recording format they have chosen.  XAVC-L clips are always r...


Shooting in cold weather.

With winter well upon us I thought it would be good to share some of my arctic shooting experience. I’ve shot in temperatures down to -45c in the arctic in winter. Before considering the cold itself first we need to consider...Condensation:Condensati...

Sony FX3 AF Assist and Tamron 28-75 VXD G2 not working

Sony FX3 AF Assist and Tamron 28-75 VXD G2 not working.All other Auto Focus functions work.With AF Assist and AF-C enabled in FX3 the Tamron lens focus ring does not override the camera AF function.Should it work with this lens?Is this a known incomp...

CraigS by Newbie
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