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Campfire fun!

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My friends and I recently got together to shoot a short film by the fire in one day.

The close-up was shot on the Sony Venice in 6k OXCN and the Tokina Vista 50mm T1.5 and the wider shot was shot on the FX6 and Tokina Vista 35mm T1.5.

I have very little Davinci experience and these have barely been worked to match and I am stoked!

The Venice was shot at 2500 and brought up to 4000 in post. The FX6 was shot at 12800 and brought down to 6400.

The fire did most of the key work and the rim/ambient lighting was provided by a single Aputure 60x on either side of the scene bouncing into a 40x40 inch Ultrabounce. One was set to fire mode and the other was set to a slightly cooler temp not pulsing to act as the moon(?).








Top Contributor

Looks beautiful, very chiaroscuro! I love campfires, and campfire footage. Thanks for the lighting breakdown.