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Short Film shot on FX3

Mover & Shaker

I recently completed "The Backpack" short film shot on the FX3. I will also be using the A1 for an upcoming thriller/horror feature film as the main camera and FX3 as a B-cam.

FILMHUB 3X4 Aspect.png




Top Contributor

Hey, thanks for sharing! I really like your opening shot. What stabilization (gimbal?) did you use for it, and did you use auto focus? Hope you share the next one with both the A1 and FX3 together.

Hi, I used the Ronin RS2 for the whole thing actually as the crew was minimal. I did use face tracking when the camera pushes in on the women when she realizes the guy is still following her. Also on the man spying through the windows. The rest was manual focus. I hope to share that project too, I honestly would've used the FX3 only for the next one but I strongly believe it should have shutter angle and/or variable shutter, better exposure tools such as a waveform or false color to be fully treated like an actual cinema camera. Eventhough the A1 doesn't have the exposure tools fully needed which I hope can be added to it too,  it does have variable shutter for any situations where flicker needs to be precisly controlled. I also love the Super 35 mode on the A1 as it's downsampled from 5.8K vs FX3's 4K sensor.