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Sony FX3 AF Assist and Tamron 28-75 VXD G2 not working


Sony FX3 AF Assist and Tamron 28-75 VXD G2 not working.
All other Auto Focus functions work.
With AF Assist and AF-C enabled in FX3 the Tamron lens focus ring does not override the camera AF function.

Should it work with this lens?
Is this a known incompatibility?
Is there a known fix? FX3 is on firmware 2.00.
Might there be a Tamron lens firmware issue?

Do others with this combination have AF Assist working with this lens?
If so can you provide details on testing and confirming it that I might follow.

I'll note that the lens button also seems to perform no function yet I thought the default would be as an AF/MF switch. I'd need to check their Tamron Lens Utility for that but I would love to know if this is a known issue with a known solution.



Top Contributor

My understanding is that AF Assist is only guaranteed to work with Sony lenses

Alister Chapman