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Zabbai - Beneath My Ruuts (Official Music Video) SHOT ON VENICE

Leading Creator
I recently shot and edited this on Venice and Atlas Orion 2x 50 and 80mm T2 lenses with Prism Lens FX Dream FX filter (and Lindsay Optics Diopter +1 for one take). I used the full sensor height in 3:2 full frame mode then desqueezed it and delivered it at 2.2:1.
It was my first time cutting in DaVinci and there was zero budget. You could consider it a passion project. I've shot a few multicam live music videos before but this was the first time I shot a creative narrative-type music video.
I hope you enjoy and feel free to share it around! Thanks!

Check out and share my song, "Beneath My Ruuts" off of the album "Beneath The Ruuts" Director: Julien Jarry Executive Producer: Ron Poliard Producer: Josh Barton Writers: Ron Poliard and Brad Rumble Assistant Cameras: Matt DeCola, Antonio DiCaterina, Ryan Pelligrinelli Gaffers and Swings: Ryan ...

Top Contributor

Nice @julienjarry!  This is a perfect use for something like the Prism Lens FX Dream filter - love the vibe for this kind of thing.  

How was it cutting in Davinci for the first time?  The amount of times Premiere has crashed on me over the years has me thinking it's probably time to find a new program.

Danny, you should reinstall Premiere or check your hardware configuration.  I edit on Premiere and grade in Resolve, almost on a daily basis, and I cannot even recall the last time either one crashed.  Both are rock solid.   I'm on couple of MacBook Pros.

Now I probably just jinxed myself. 😀

Thanks @Danny_Schmidt - I love this filter for the music videos. Davinci was okay. Not bad. I'm a FCPX guy.