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Taos restaurant scene shot on Sony Venice

Last week while in Taos, New Mexico scouting and shooting a screen test we stopped for lunch at Mante's Chow Cart. The midday winter light was coming in so beautifully that we started our screen test there - at lunch.Shot on the Sony Venice at 2500 e...

Taosplan1.jpg Taosplan3.jpg Taosplan2.jpg

Indoor Florescents

I run into low-quality indoor fluorescent lighting all the time and they're either skewing green or magenta.I've found that if I have to shoot a talking head (or similar) under those lights I'll block out the light directly spilling onto the subject ...


Short Film shot on FX3

I recently completed "The Backpack" short film shot on the FX3. I will also be using the A1 for an upcoming thriller/horror feature film as the main camera and FX3 as a B-cam.  

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#ShotOnSony - The Territory

One of my favorite docs of the year is The Territory by Alex Pritz.  This brilliant film depicts the conflict between Indigenous inhabitants of the Brazilian Amazon and pioneering settlers hoping to profit from the land.If you haven’t seen it, I’d re...

Exposing darker over the years.

Back in the day when I first got my FS7 (and earlier), I didn't know what I was doing from a post-production standpoint and, like today, I was still learning something new about cinematography every day. After years of manipulating images in post, ma...

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YOUTH v GOV - Netflix Documentary - SHOT ON SONY!

I wanted to share the trailer to a documentary I had the great pleasure of working on, called YOUTH v GOV.  I was one of a few DPs on this long form doc project directed by my dear friend and stellar filmmaker, Christi Cooper.   We shot the project a...

What questions do you have for 'The Boys' DP Dan Stoloff?

His work includes episodes on The Boys, The Patient, Suits, The Americans to name a few. I'm going to be chatting with Stoloff this week to talk about his process on Season 3 of The Boys. (His episodes are Herogasm, The Last Time to Look on This Worl...

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'Grand Teton & Yellowstone' travel film shot on FX3

Hi, everyone! I want to share my recent travel video from Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks. It was a week-long trip, spending equal time in both parks. As a creative constraint, I only brought two 80GB cards, resulting in close to a 1:1 shoot...

GTY_Frame_01_Large.jpg GTY_Frame_02.jpg GTY_Frame_05.jpg GTY_Frame_06.jpg

Dive into the Swamp with the FX6

Hey All --I had the opportunity to take the FX6 to Florida this year and film in one of my all-time favorite places: The Corkscrew Swamp.  Seriously - if you ever find yourself in the Sunshine State, make the trip to Corkscrew to get a glimpse at the...

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'Seng Wah' shot on FX6

If you would, please go check out this piece 'Seng Wah' shot about a year ago on the Sony FX6, Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 (gimbal shots), Leica R 35mm f2 (handheld shots), and Mamiya 645 110mm f2.8 (static across the lake shot). We're hoping for a Staff Pic...

Seng Wah 7.jpg Seng Wah 6.jpg Seng Wah 5.jpg Seng Wah 4.jpg

Dailies from a feature doc I am currently DP'ing

Below are a few dailies from a feature doc I am currently DP'ing.These are from Boston which was the first of three legs that will take us through Boston, Peru, and New Mexico.These were shot on Sony FX9 and FX9 on Tokina Vista Prime lenses.I'm reall...

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