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Exposing S-Cinetone

S-Cinetone is a rather clever gamma curve and the way you expose it alters the way your final images look. Exposing brighter doesn't just make the picture brighter, it also reduces the contrast, making the image look flatter. Exposing a little darker...

Plugin Not Install

My website(stf chamber - conveyancing & corporate services) causes problem in installing plugin. Need help to resolve this issue. 

Some Lights Just Can't Be Graded.

Every now and then I'll come across someone struggling to grade a shot. Often the problem is a result of a having a light source that has an incomplete or very narrow spectrum.A lot of cheap LED lights as well as many types of discharge lights such a...

What are your Zebras Measuring in CineEI?

Zebras are a very useful way to measure exposure levels, whether that's skin tone levels or the brightness of a middle grey or white card. But, if you are going to use Zebras it's really important that you know exactly what it is that they are measur...

Exposing darker over the years.

Back in the day when I first got my FS7 (and earlier), I didn't know what I was doing from a post-production standpoint and, like today, I was still learning something new about cinematography every day. After years of manipulating images in post, ma...

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Using Zebras when measuring S-log3.

If you use Zebras to measure the levels of an S-Log3 image then you should consider using a narrower Zebra range or window than the normal default 10% (+5% / -5%).Zebras were originally conceived for use with Rec-709 and other normal gamma curves. Wi...

Sony SDK (Control Your Camera Through Your Computer!)

Has anyone else heard of Sony's SDK? If you have some programming ability, you can do all sorts of things with your camera through your computer!! They even provide a detailed setup guide:The SDK is compatible with most Sony mirrorless cameras, along...

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White Balance on Multi Camera shoots

It's often tempting to rely on white balance presets as generally these will be in the right ball park for most things. On previous generations of cameras you had to use presets when shooting Log. But the latest cameras have the ability to take a whi...

Resolved! Verité documentary: do you prefer to bake in or grade later?

I'm always curious about what others are doing when shooting non-fiction. Obviously, there are many different kinds of documentary productions, and some allow more careful planning and lighting than others. But when you're literally shooting from the...

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A few simple tips on using the FX30 with vintage lenses

Ever since I made my first impressions video with the FX30, where I paired the APS-C sensor with some vintage lenses, I’ve been getting questions about how you actually use older glass with the FX30.It’s actually quite simple, so I wanted to demystif...

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How to find the correct exposure for a new LUT.

Different LUTs may have different brightness ranges compared to other LUTs or commonly used gammas such as Rec-709. As an example where normal Rec-709 might be exposed so that a white card is around 90%, the s709 LUT is correctly exposed when the sam...

Understanding CineEI

If you have never used CineEI before it can be difficult to get your head around it. So for my first post here I thought I would share some things that may make it easier to understand this mode. It certainly took me a little while to figure it out t...