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What is the difference between Quick Format and Full Format?

What’s the difference and which should I use?On the FX3 and FX30 the default is Quick Format, but you can also do a Full Format, on the FX6 you can select either from the menu.Full Format erases everything on the card and returns the card to a comple...

DIY Tripod Pan Handle for small cameras

When you’re shooting with an ENG camera, or a cinema camera, that has its viewfinder mounted on the left side, up near the front of the camera, ergonomically it makes sense to use a tripod pan handle that is roughly 16” long.  A long handle works bes...

DJensen_PanHandle_01.jpg DJensen_PanHandle_03.jpg DJensen_PanHandle_02.jpg

FX30, whats not to like?

I recently spent some time testing the FX30 and I have to say I was genuinely impressed. So impressed I went out and purchased one. I'll primarily be using it with the Sony 18-105 G f4 power zoom. For me this is a great little combination, a high qua...

IMPORTANT: FX3 and FX30 software updates

Regarding FX30 software update Ver1.01 and FX3 software update Ver2.01, we confirm that there may be cases where the camera performance becomes unstable during the software update. If the camera performance is unstable after the software update execu...

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Table of Base ISO Values

Here's a table of the Base ISO values for the Cinema Line cameras. The FR7 is the same as the FX6.


Auto gain audio pre-amps

Unless I am shooting an interview where I need to dial in a very specific audio level and babysit the knob, I am almost always running my audio gains on AUTO. For doc work capturing ambient, scratch, and environmental in-camera audio, it simply works...

4BC6F89D-88AA-4821-A318-0168C61FBC6F.JPG 754A2A8E-F4C1-473B-9EE0-B417D0DD85DA.JPG

Traveling Light

While preparing to travel into a remote part of the Peruvian Andes to shoot the second of three parts of a feature doc I’m currently DP’ing I weighed my options for what gear to bring and not bring and ultimately decided on bringing less, which turne...

IMG_1039_2.jpg IMG_1235_2.jpg IMG_1202_2.jpg