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What is the difference between Quick Format and Full Format?

What’s the difference and which should I use?On the FX3 and FX30 the default is Quick Format, but you can also do a Full Format, on the FX6 you can select either from the menu.Full Format erases everything on the card and returns the card to a comple...

DIY Tripod Pan Handle for small cameras

When you’re shooting with an ENG camera, or a cinema camera, that has its viewfinder mounted on the left side, up near the front of the camera, ergonomically it makes sense to use a tripod pan handle that is roughly 16” long.  A long handle works bes...

DJensen_PanHandle_01.jpg DJensen_PanHandle_03.jpg DJensen_PanHandle_02.jpg


After exactly two years of owning a pair of Sony FX6's and creating my own detachable V-Mount plate comprising of a few rig parts, the rig build breakdown is up on YouTube. No music. Throw your own on in the background and give it a watch for me. Tha...

Setting up the FX6 for Filming Wildlife

Much of my work these days is filming wildlife so I wanted to share my current FX6 long lens build.  We talk a lot on this forum about how great the FX6 is for shooting wildlife (4K 120, cache record, etc) so I won’t go into that here.  Mostly I want...

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FX30, whats not to like?

I recently spent some time testing the FX30 and I have to say I was genuinely impressed. So impressed I went out and purchased one. I'll primarily be using it with the Sony 18-105 G f4 power zoom. For me this is a great little combination, a high qua...

Small but mighty (FX6)

Loved using this setup while wrapping a feature doc in New Mexico. You can go find frames in the Cinematography section of the forum. Canon FD 20-35mm f3.5 produces a softer, creamier image. The SmallHD Cine 5 is an awesome new monitor that allows me...


Table of Base ISO Values

Here's a table of the Base ISO values for the Cinema Line cameras. The FR7 is the same as the FX6.


Auto gain audio pre-amps

Unless I am shooting an interview where I need to dial in a very specific audio level and babysit the knob, I am almost always running my audio gains on AUTO. For doc work capturing ambient, scratch, and environmental in-camera audio, it simply works...

4BC6F89D-88AA-4821-A318-0168C61FBC6F.JPG 754A2A8E-F4C1-473B-9EE0-B417D0DD85DA.JPG

Traveling Light

While preparing to travel into a remote part of the Peruvian Andes to shoot the second of three parts of a feature doc I’m currently DP’ing I weighed my options for what gear to bring and not bring and ultimately decided on bringing less, which turne...

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My top 5 favorite things about my FX6

Hey everyone, I'm excited about the new Forum. I'm a huge fan of Sony cameras and I own an FX6, Alpha 1, F55, FS7, Z750, Z280, and a6300.   I've had my FX6 since December 2020 and the more I use it, the more I like it, so I thought I'd start off by l...