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Packing a Venice into a Pelican Air 1535

I wanted to share a recent Pelican 1535 Air Venice pack with you. I've packed my fair share of cases over the years for local, domestic, and international travel. This is just a breakdown of this one case.It's a Pelican 1535 Air which is made to be c...



After exactly two years of owning a pair of Sony FX6's and creating my own detachable V-Mount plate comprising of a few rig parts, the rig build breakdown is up on YouTube. No music. Throw your own on in the background and give it a watch for me. Tha...

Why is the FX30 more noisy when shooting at 100/120fps?

I love the FX30, it's a great little camera and it produces a lovely image. But one thing a few have noticed is that if you shoot at 100fps or 120fps it can be a little more noisy than it is at other frame rates.  When shooting 4K/UHD up to 60fps the...

Will we ever see full frame slowmo on the FX9....?

I'd love to know!  It seems like we are one firmware update away from unlocking the full potential of the FX9.  I often find myself defaulting to my FX6 purely because of the frame rate options in full frame - especially when shooting wildlife.  I un...

A Really Cool Camera Sony Made in the '80s

This is my Sony DXC-M3A, a broadcast camera from the mid-1980s. You might wonder why anyone would own such a dinosaur in an age of 8k resolution and 15-stops of dynamic range. But I think it has a certain aesthetic quality that's lost to today's life...

DSC00051.jpg dxc3_1.4.1.jpg dxc2_1.3.1.jpg dxc1_1.1.1.jpg

FX3 version 2.02 and FX30 version 1.02 firmware updates.

Sony have now released new firmware updates for both the FX3 and FX30. The FX3 now goes to firmware version 2.02 and the FX30 to firmware version 1.02These are mainly stability releases that fix some minor bugs, but if you have an FX3 on the original...

Camera cleaning

Something that often gets asked is - how should I clean my camera?My process is this: Start with a good quality soft paint brush and gently brush off any dirt or dust from the outside of the camera. DO NOT use the paint brush on any glass ports or th...

Resolved! Sony Fx30 crop factor

Hello, I'm shooting with a full frame lens sony 20mm t1.8 with focus breathing compensation enabled with a sony fx30. When I import the files in Catalyst browse the metadata say the 35mm equivalent focal length is 38.7mm, so the crop factor is 1,935!...

lucai by Mover & Shaker
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Best Sound Kit for a Sony Camera

As a camera person, the last thing I want to do is to fuss with sound. Unfortunately, we’re sometimes stuck doing it alongside our camera duties on really low-budget interviews.However, Sony makes a sound kit that integrates with Sony cameras, making...


Do you think we'll ever see a RX1r iii?

Do you think we'll ever see a Sony RX1r mark iii? Do a bit of research and you'll find out that the mark ii was a really incredible camera. A7rii sensor, 35mm f2 lens (Sony doesn't even make one for E mount). Sure, it wasn't for everyone but it was n...


How to Remote Control a Venice 2

On car shoots, being able to remotely control your camera is almost a necessity. Whether you’re hanging the camera off an arm car or whether you’re simply mounting to a car and shooting actors inside, the ability to change camera settings without hav...

IMG_5612.PNG PNG image.png IMG_0626.PNG

Questions I get Asked: Does Venice 2 SDI 1&2 show user frame lines?

I get a lot of questions about the technical nuances of Sony's Cinema Line, I just wanted to start posting the questions I get asked to try and help others who may have the same questions. I will try to be as straight forward and simple as possible. ...

Keleneke by Mover & Shaker
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