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My top 5 favorite things about my FX6

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Hey everyone, I'm excited about the new Forum. I'm a huge fan of Sony cameras and I own an FX6, Alpha 1, F55, FS7, Z750, Z280, and a6300.   I've had my FX6 since December 2020 and the more I use it, the more I like it, so I thought I'd start off by listing the five things I love best about the FX6.

Number 1:  The FX6 is still the only Sony camera that allows the simultaneous use of Picture Cache and S&Q Motion.  This is a huge benefit for anyone who shoots wildlife and sports.  I have S&Q Moton @ 120 fps set for Assign Button #1, and  I have Picture Cache set for Assign Button #3, so I never have to go into the menus.

Number 2: The FX6 is the first, and only, video camera that I will actually trust to use auto-focus.  AF performance is amazing and there are literally dozens of ways that it customized and modified to function the way YOU want it to.   I have my camera setup so that I can seamlessly go back and forth between full-manual, face/eye detect, and object tracking with no button pressing or menu changes. There is no other camera that even comes close to the flexibility that the FX6 provides.  Here's a video I produced to share my settings and techniques.

Number 3:  Electronic Variable ND is a game changer.  You can choose the correct shutter speed based on the frame rate; set your Gain/ISO to the base level; choose the aperture of the lens to allow the Depth-of-Field you want creatively -- and then adjust the exposure with the ND dial as if you were adjusting the dimmer on a LED light.

Number 4:  Dual-Base Sensitivity.  I shoot a lot of wildlife, sports, stock footage, and documentaries where I have no control over the lighting, and some of the best opportunities happen at dusk and dawn.  The ability to instantly increase (or decrease) the camera's base sensitivity by 4-stops with virtually no loss in picture quality is a really great feature.  I have Assign Button #2 programmed so that I can easily switch back and forth.

Number 5:  I really appreciate the small size and weight of the FX6 when I'm hiking into the woods or swamps tracking wildlife.  I am able to go much farther than I ever could with my other cameras.

What are your favorite things about the FX6?

Bald Eagle with FX6Bald Eagle with FX6

I filmed this Bald Eagle last week using Picture Cache and S&Q Motion:


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@DougJensen I agree with all of your top 5 reasons. It's truly a beautiful camera in so many ways. It really feels like we've finally arrived in a place where we're content with what we have, hasn't it? I love how clean the image is even when I underexpose by a stop. The dynamic range is awesome and the image is lovely. I wish I had more wildlife work - I think you've inspired me to get out there more. I have a trip to Peru later in the week and will certainly be focusing on getting some long lens landscapes. We'll see if animals show themselves. Thanks for posting!

I wish you luck on your trip to Peru!  Hopefully the animals will come out for you.  One of things I love about filming wildlife is how unpredictable it can be.  Even if you go back to the exact same spot multiple times, it is never the same thing twice.