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Nerding out on birds

Top Contributor

Spent three days hunting this Barred Owl and finally scored tonight!

A1 and 200-600

_JAJ3488.JPG_JAJ3336 copy.JPGIMG_3672.JPG


Leading Creator

Nice work.  I love the wide shot, expecially the overall color tone.  It's a great example of how zooming in closer isn't always better.  It's good to see the environment sometimes.

Don't drop your camera in the woods, you may never find it again with all that camo.

Aha thank you @DougJensen and yes I completely agree that the wide is awesome. I made it a touch cool to compliment the weather and time of day.

Going "cool" was the right creative choice.   When I capture video or stills, that is just the first step in a workflow where I want to make the images look better (usually more dramatic) than they looked in real life. Real life is boring. 🙂