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Packing a Venice into a Pelican Air 1535

Leading Creator

I wanted to share a recent Pelican 1535 Air Venice pack with you. I've packed my fair share of cases over the years for local, domestic, and international travel. This is just a breakdown of this one case.

It's a Pelican 1535 Air which is made to be carried on Airplanes and fit in the overhead compartment. Don't let a Domestic flight tell you it won't fit - it will. In addition to this carry-on case, I have my 'personal item' which is a Mindshift backpack that slider under the seat. That backpack is holding an FX3, two Angenieux FF vintage rehoused zooms, a 20 mm, and a few other accessories. My wife is also carrying a backpack with 2x (personal 150wh limit) 150 wh  V-mounts.

The 1535 holdes the Venice, R7, Wooden Camera D-Box, Movcam shoulder pad/baseplate, 2x 1tb AXS cards, 2x 256gb SXS cards, readers, cables, SmallHD Cine7, Noga Arm (large), top handle, 2x 150 wh V-Mounts, 4x AB V-Mount charger.

A link to the case can be found here: