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Do we think it's possible to add 4k 120fps s35 mode to the Alpha 1?

Top Contributor

For a handful of reasons, I personally, would love to have the ability to shoot 4k 120fps on the Alpha 1 in 4k s35 mode. 

Currently, the camera can shoot:
8k 422 10-bit up to 30fps in full frame
4k 422 10-bit up to 120fps in full frame with a small 1.1x crop
4k 422 10-bit up to 60fps in s35

I've been using the camera recently for wildlife both photography and video and I can really say when you're looking to strip back your load, the A1 is a really good option. A 4k 120fps s35 mode would allow for breathtaking image capture and whether or not you want to use an ND filter, usually at 120fps, anything between 1/250-1/1000 shutter speeds look great.

For those tech gurus, do you think it's possible? Thanks!


Leading Creator

1/1000th shutter for 120 fps?  That's about 3-4x faster than is standard practice.  Do you have any examples to show what that looks like in practice?  What kind of wildlife do use those speeds for?

Do you ever shoot 24 fps @ 1/200, since that  would be the equivalent?

@DougJensen I am going to share a post by a guy who uses 1/2000th ss and uses frame blending to slow down A7siii footage to 1000fps equivalents and it looks fantastic. See here:

Back to the faster-than-normal shutter speeds for 120fps capture: In my experience, once you pass a threshold of lets say 100fps or more, I feel as though shutter speed matter less especially if you actually slow it down to a normal 24fps timeline. Do an experiment: Shoot a hummingbird or any action for that matter at 120fps using a 1/250th shutter speed and then again at 1/1000th. Slowed down, does the 1/1000th shot look bad? My guess is that it may actually look better. I'm sorry I don't have an example of my own but plan to asap. Again, I wish the A1 has 120fps s35.