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Gone but not Forgotten: the Sony Action Cam

Recently, I was given a Sony FDR-X3000 Action Cam, and with a ski trip planned for the weekend, I thought, “what a great opportunity to test this little guy out.” The 4K pocket camera was released in 2016, but I sought to find out if it had any relev...

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Unearthing a Sony F35

The Sony F35Last weekend, I had an opportunity to spend some time with a rare gem from Sony's hall of fame. Released in 2008 with a sticker price of $250,000, the Sony F35 was the first CineAlta camera to come with a PL mount, meaning it was a seriou...

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Losing Quality in Catalyst Browse

Read on to see how you can ensure you retain the quality of your clips when using Catalyst Browse.For years, I’ve been stabilizing footage in Catalyst Browse the wrong way and just realized it. And with the way the settings are presented, I’m sure I’...

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Using LUTs as FX6 Base Looks

Regarding making one's own LUTs for FX6 Base Looks, on this guide by @alisterchapman it says:"For the best results you will want to use 33x LUTs, and the LUT should be designed for full/data range In and with full/data range Out."Is that correct?Sure...

Resolved! VENICE .ART files

Can anyone explain to me exactly what ART files are and how they differ to LUTs please?I've obviously read the marketing material, but I've never used the ART workflow myself, and am curious to know more. What specifically are they, and why exactly a...


Oh, I have only just discovered that Sony have implemented this forum on the Sony Cine website.Some of you may remember me from the old Sony Community Forum and the Sony F5/55 Facebook group, both of which I was very active on.Weirdly, the old Sony C...

Understanding ND filter fractional values.

Sony rate the ND filters in most of their cameras using a fractional value such as 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 etc.These values represent the amount of light that can pass through the filter, so a 1/4 ND lets 1/4 of the light through.1/4 is the equivalent to 2 s...

Matching Colors Between Sony and RED

I’m working on a low-budget project next week that's slated to use one RED camera. For dialogue scenes, they want medium and medium closeup shots for each actor, along with a wide. I offered to bring my Sony a7sIII because I knew having another camer...

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Questions I get Asked: Can I view LUTS on Playback with Venice 2?

Question: Can I view LUTS on Playback with Venice 2?Answer: Yes, if you shoot some flavor of XOCN (XT,ST,LT) you can playback clips with a LUT. If you shoot ProRes, a LUT cannot be viewed while playing back clips. Keeping this one short and simple. I...

Keleneke by Mover & Shaker
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Exposing S-Cinetone

S-Cinetone is a rather clever gamma curve and the way you expose it alters the way your final images look. Exposing brighter doesn't just make the picture brighter, it also reduces the contrast, making the image look flatter. Exposing a little darker...

Questions I get Asked: Does Venice 2 work with Teradek 4K Serve?

Q: Does Venice 2 work with Teradek 4K Serve? Answer: In short, yes. In this particular case, we were pushing to Ci Media for remote monitoring. Our Serve had a v-mount adapter so we just added it to the back of the Venice 2 to pass power. There is an...

Keleneke by Mover & Shaker
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Taos restaurant scene shot on Sony Venice

Last week while in Taos, New Mexico scouting and shooting a screen test we stopped for lunch at Mante's Chow Cart. The midday winter light was coming in so beautifully that we started our screen test there - at lunch.Shot on the Sony Venice at 2500 e...

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What is the difference between Quick Format and Full Format?

What’s the difference and which should I use?On the FX3 and FX30 the default is Quick Format, but you can also do a Full Format, on the FX6 you can select either from the menu.Full Format erases everything on the card and returns the card to a comple...

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