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Sony Burano Strange Reflections in Top of Frame


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So I have had my Burano since the end of February and have been noticing a strange reflection "flare" in the top of the frame from time to time. It reminds me of UV filter flare but it happens when there are no filters attached. The only REC FORMAT it doesn't show up on is either of the S35 crops. It appears when a source is aiming back at the lens from above lens (i.e. blownout windows in the background of a shot; Pendant lights just out of frame in the foreground) I have been able to recreate it with a flashlight just above the lens and pointing it diagonally in the lens just on the top edge of frame. I've noticed it using my GMaster zooms in any of the FF/FFc rec formats. I can zoom past the reflection as well. 

You can make out details in the reflection and tell that it is not sensor reflection. I checked the ND to make sure it wasn't getting stuck or anything. I provided a few examples from the first test I shot with it. I have come across it a lot more and can provide more examples if needed. Just curious if there are any fellow burano owners that have noticed this or anyone have an idea of what is causing it. I am planning on testing out if it occurs when using FF PL lenses and will report back. 

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I have but not heard back. I personally do not have a sony rep on hand so I sent a support request out through their contact us link. If you have someone in mind I would love to have their information!

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I am in the United States. I got ahold of Sony and they are looking into it. I was able to recreate it in a controlled environment so I am going to test it with a couple of other lenses I have on hand and see what the engineers say.

So far I've noticed that it happens in all FF modes with:

- Sony GMaster Zooms up to about 80-85mm

- Canon L-Series Zooms up to about 75mm (I think the added metabones adapter is making it a little less prevalent; flange distance maybe?)

- I am testing GMaster Primes tomorrow and FF PL Xeen Primes as well.

My tokina s35 cine zooms are fine as I am shooting in s35. Once I shoot the tests and send them off I will report back to this post with Sony's response for anyone that cares 😉 


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So I finally got time to sit down and try to figure this out. I took another look at the sensor and noticed the sensor block had a deformity (almost like a crack) but more like a ripple in the glass. It was on the bottom section of the sensor glass so that would make sense for strange reflections I was getting in the the top of the frame. I guess whenever a light would hit it just right it would bounce whatever was just out of the top of the frame back into the sensor.  

Just shipped it back for a repair! Everything under warranty so only had to pay shipping!


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