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Sony Venice 2...Downsampled Recording Options


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The Sony Venice 2 should be the dominant Sony cinema camera by now but the Venice 1 continues to dominate over it.  Why?  8k+ origination is often not desirable.  The Venice 2 would find itself on more sets with downsampled modes to X-OCN.  We know it is possible thanks to the Burano, which has three oversampled / downsampled recording modes:

FFc 6K 16:9

FFc 6K 17:9

S35c 4K 17:9

At the least - the Venice 2 should inherit these modes (so they can match up in Multicam shoots) if Sony wants to put in the least amount of effort for this highest priced camera.  Ideally the Venice 2 would also receive a downsampled 6k open gate mode as well as a 4.3k 17x9 full width mode.

The Venice 2 hasn't received the development support over firmware that it deserves.

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