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Creating a custom LUT for the FX 30

Rodrigo Polo

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Hi, I'm new with the Sony FX 30, I have experience with the EOS R lineup combined with the Atomos Ninja V.

If I want to create a custom LUT for displaying on the Atomos Ninja V, or for the HDMI output with the LUT, I do the following:

  1. Select on the EOS R or R5, C-Log 3 and BT.2020
  2. Because the HDMI signal is in full range, on the Atomos Ninja V, I enable the "Legalize" toggle
  3. Loading the official technical LUTs on the Atomos Ninja V, I set the correct exposure with false colors, and do the white balance using the RGB Parade with a gray card.
  4. After having the right exposure, I disable the "legalize" toggle, and I record a small video framing the Xrite Color Checker Video.
  5. On DaVinci Resolve, I import the ProRes video, set the clip properties as full level, load the technical LUT, and adjust the colors as I needed in the color tab.
  6. Finally, I right clic on the clip on the color tab, and export the LUT, then I can use that LUT on Premiere, the Atomos Ninja V, etc.

Now, I tried to do the same with the FX 30 and failed, so I was wondering:

  1. If the Sony FX 30 has an HDMI output without any LUT applied internally, and set in S-Log3 S-Gamut3.Cine, which video levels does output? Legal or full range?
  2. What are the video levels on the FX 30 when a custom LUT is loaded internally? Legal or full range?

My goal is to record a small video from the FX 30 HDMI in S-Log3 S-Gamut3.Cine using the Atomos Ninja V, then, do the grading on Resolve, export the LUT, and load it into the FX 30 to have a preview of the desired color, and output the signal with the LUT applied.


Any light on this will be appreciated. 


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