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Questions I get Asked: How do I reset the FR7 username and password on the browser?


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Q: How do I reset the FR7 username and password on the browser? You can reset the camera network settings so that you can assign the desired IP address and change the username and password as well. To RESET camera settings and Network settings, flip dip switch number 1 to “ON” then use a paperclip to push and hold in on RESET for a few seconds, and then pull power; continue holding the reset button as you plug power back in. You will continue to hold the reset button until after the camera initializes. To RESET ONLY network settings and leave the camera settings unchanged, be sure to flip the dip switch down to the OFF position.  After a couple minutes, the camera will power back off, then back on again.

Once the Power and Network lights are lit green, use your iPad/phone/tablet to scan the QR Code of the FR7 located just inside the media slot door. This will take you to a page in your preferred web browser. If for some reason your camera is not recognizing the link, you can just type it in manually using the link just above the QR code.  A screen will appear on the web browser asking you to set the user and password. After you hit OK, it will take you to the Camera Control login page. Just type in your new Username and Password. Then you will run through some initial setups like time and date. After you hit ok, it will take you to the Live screen and you will have web access. To setup the IP address. Go to SETTINGS, then NETWORK, then WIRED LAN and adjust accordingly. 

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