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What recent TV shows have beautiful lighting?


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I’m stuck at home with COVID (through the worst of it, luckily) and I’m in need of some good shows to watch while I recover. I’m thinking I could learn from a show with either really beautiful lighting OR with something interesting going on lighting-wise.

A good example of what I mean by interesting lighting (and show I’ve already binged all of) is Kevin Can F**k Himself. Each episode is half multi-cam sitcom (with a laugh track!) and half sorta indie single-cam drama. Both worlds have distinct lighting, and without any spoilers, Season 2 has some REALLY cool dramatic moments that are delivered almost entirely by lighting changes between them. (The final episode in particular!) You can read an interview with DP Shannon Madden we did a few months ago here. I thought it was really clever, and it made me think about how lighting can not only set the tone and look, but motivate the story as well.

Have you seen anything you’d recommend for me to binge watch, and get lighting inspiration from while I’m at it? Either that’s interesting, innovative, or just plain beautiful?

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