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Indoor Florescents


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I run into low-quality indoor fluorescent lighting all the time and they're either skewing green or magenta.

I've found that if I have to shoot a talking head (or similar) under those lights I'll block out the light directly spilling onto the subject (using gaff tape or a cutter), let the space be lit by the indoor lights (usually 4400k in the US), and key the subject with a bi-color 4400k light and tweak the G-R value to match.

This is just one simple example of something we run into all the time. There are infinite problems we solve.

Note for the picture below: The can lights are tungsten and the background is daylight. We couldn't turn anything off. The same theory stands. In this case, I set WB for the background as it made up most of the image and set a pleasing warm interior. I then set the key to about 4800k for a nice warm key.



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