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Questions I get Asked: Does Venice 2 work with Teradek 4K Serve?


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  1. Q: Does Venice 2 work with Teradek 4K Serve? 

Answer: In short, yes. In this particular case, we were pushing to Ci Media for remote monitoring. Our Serve had a v-mount adapter so we just added it to the back of the Venice 2 to pass power. There is an SDI IN on the Serve, we had a jumper SDI coming out of the camera’s SDI 3 and going into the Serve. It is important to note, if you are outputting an HD signal out of all your SDIs, the Rec Trigger will function on SDIs 1/2/3/4. If you are outputting a 4K signal out of SDI 1/2, a "monitoring" signal is sent to SDI 3/4 and the Rec Trigger function will not output to SDI 3/4 (Venice 2 Manual pg120). In the Deep Menus of the Venice, scroll to TECHNICAL>SYSTEM CONFIGURATION > SDI REC REMOTE TRIGGER. Select “HD SDI Remote I/F“ . This ensures that the SDI will trigger the Serve to begin generating the proxy as the camera is recording. After the camera is finished recording, the Serve will wrap the proxy and begin uploading.

The 4K Serve interface is pretty straight forward, it is easier to configure the Serve by connecting via LAN directly into a computer first. We set the computers IP to and the 4K Serve was set to You can set these IPs to whatever you want, just make sure the first 3 sets of numbers match and the fourth set should be between 1 and 254 so they are within range of one another but they should not be the same. Go to a browser on your computer and type in the IP of the Serve, this will take you to the Serve’s GUI. Continue setting up the wifi settings and choose which cloud service you would like to upload to and etcetera. 

I hope this can reach and help the right audience, I get a similar question for FX9 - making sure the camera is set to “HD SDI Remote I/F“ usually solves it. If you have questions or anything to add reply down below!

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