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Sony Venice 2 needs continued development


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1 Catalyst software doesn't support Venice 2 X-OCN. 
When will Sony software be supporting their most expensive camera?  There is no way to stabilize clips using gyro data from the Venice 2 extension system.


2 Proxy recording is needed.

Every current Sony camera....except the $70k+ Venice 2 supports proxy recording. With 8.6k recording...proxies are pretty important.


3 Reduced resolution / Oversampled recording. 

Your Sony a1 with the same sensors capable of downsampling. It can output 16-bit 4.3k raw full frame mode. It also supports oversampled FF 8k and s35 4k. An oversampled 4.3k FF mode would be incredibly useful for when one needs to use the full image sensor but needs lower data rates / resolution to fit on those small, overpriced AxS cards. 4.3k FF X-OCN options would allow for the camera go out on more jobs. There should also be a reduced resolution 120 FPS option in full frame mode (your a1 camera with the same sensor can do it at a fraction of the weight, power and money).  An open-gate 4.3k ProRes mode would also be of great use.


4 Support X-OCN. 

Sony please support your format in NLEs with full metadata parameter control in Premiere, FCP and Avid. Please release a first party plug-in for these NLEs. If a small company like red can do can too.

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I agree with 1 (and 4). It’s madness if Catalyst still doesn’t support their flagship camera. The disconnect between Sony Japan and Sony Creative Software is bizarre. It’s been this way for years. Sony have made great steps in bringing better unity to their cameras with the Cinema Line concept, but unity with their software is a long way off.


Catalyst, RAW Viewer, Imaging Edge, Content Browser Mobile, Creator’s App, Creator’s Cloud, Ci, C3 Portal, Media Backbone Navigator/Hive…

…it’s a confusing mess with inconsistent design styles, inconsistent compatibility, and weird overlaps.

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