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New FX30/FX3/FX6 firmware announcement (January 2024)


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Can anyone tell me (speculation is fun, but would be good to know for sure) what exactly "709tone" is?

I see it's already available in the FR7... wondering if it's a LUT? Or will it be a Paint Menu present (Scene file / Picture Profile setting) like S-Cinetone. I'm also curious what it's "optimum"/"suggested" settings will be (white clip, black clip, legal/full range, matrix boundaries, 90% white, 18% grey, etc etc)?


Also, I'm curious about the "integrated high-quality 3D LUT processes to mirror the VENICE cinema camera, which allows for more accurate color processing". What exactly does this mean? The FX6 already has LUT support. What's wrong with what it currently has? Or is this just an improvement in LUT "quality" (17x vs 33x 65x) or something like that?

Funny it's being marketed as process to mirror the VENICE, when one of the selling points of that was the preferred use of ART files over LUTs!


Also, direct-from-camera streaming in the FX30 and FX3... but no love for the FX6? I wonder why. Several news stations in the UK are now preferring the FX6 (a somewhat backward decision, in my opinion), so one would expect a demand for streaming in the FX6...

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