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S-gamut3 OR S-gamut3.cine on Sony Venice?


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Hi all,


Shooting a TV series and I'm trying to decide if it's better to set the Sony Venice's Input Colour Space to S-Gamut3/SLog3 or S-gamut3.cine/SLog3? Information out there is a little murky so any simplified info would be really appreciated.



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As I understand it, S-Gamut is a large colour gamut, so better for scenes with intense saturated colours, neons, fluorescants etc.

S-Gamut.cine is designed to be closer to rec709 primaries, and so should be easier to grade in "normal" environments with "normal" hardware (i.e. a rec709 display).

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The primary reason S-gamut3.cine/SLog3 exists is because it is designed to mimic Arri LOG C.  Therefore, colorists who are used to working with Arri footage can apply the same grades to Sony S-gamut3.cine/SLog3 and be assured of getting similar results.

But again, you should really ask your colorist what he/she wants you to shoot.

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