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CFExp A Tough Card failure

Alejandro Marin

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Sony Type A 160gb Tough card mounts to desktop but shows no folders or files within! Sony’s Media Recovery software cannot find files either.


Filming a series of interviews and video portraits on Fx3 with Sony 160gb Tough Card.  Recorded three clips.  Camera LCD was outlined in red and record button was lit red to confirm that I was indeed recording.  Only one card in camera recording to slot 1.  Card was formatted in same Fx3 body used for recording.

Immediately after finishing about an hour long interview followed by a slo-motion (60fps) portrait, I stopped recording and handed over the 160gb card to my AC for backup.

The card mounted quickly to the desktop but when opened it showed no folders nor files within.

I’ve tried other data recovery software but to no avail.

Seems like absolute media malfunction.

Fx3 recorded to other Sony Type A Tough cards before and after the afore-mentioned malfunctioning card, without any issues.

Is there anything else I can do aside from sending the card in question to a data recovery specialist?

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