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FX6 - downloadable presets


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I just saw Sony released downloadable presets for the FX6:


I followed the steps to install 001.ALL - FX6-2398 on my FX6 (4.0 FW) but after loading it, I didn't see my assignable buttons change per the article:



1 - S&Q Motion

2 - Base ISO/Sensitivity

3 - Video Signal Monitor

4 - Focus Magnifier x3/x6

5 - Direct Menu (You can check the status and settings of the camera displayed on the viewfinder screen, and directly select and change the settings. The following items can be configured. You can also access this by pushing in on the scroll wheel.)

6 - Off

7 - Picture Cache Recording

8 - User Menu

9 - Marker


Instead my assignable buttons remained how 4.0 has them by default.


I must be doing something wrong.  Has anyone else tried these presets with success?

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Although I have no interest in using these presets I decided I would try installing them to see if they would change the Assign Buttons on my FX6. And they did.  It only took about 2 minutes to download and install them, and they worked exactly as Sony said they would work.  So, there is nothing wrong with the Presets and you must be doing something wrong on your end.  If you will provide more details about what steps you are taking I might be able to help pinpoint what you have done incorrectly. 

However, with that said, after I tested the ALL files I immediately reset my camera back to my own ALL File because there isn't a single setting of these Sony files that I agree with.  What a total mess.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to actually use these settings.  Terrible choices.

Keep in mind that ALL Files generally don't change anything about how the camera "looks".  They aren't LUTs or Paint Menu presets.   ALL Files are basically intended for saving/recalling your own personal preference files for YOUR camera.  So, if you install these files, be warned that you will be essentially setting your camera up for what somebody else prefers.  It's kind of like letting someone else get into your car and adjust the seat position, tilt of the steering wheel, rearview mirror, side mirrors, radio station presets, etc. they way they like to have them -- and then expecting you to get in and be happy with those same settings.   Be warned that literally hundreds of custom camera settings will be changed when you load those ALL files, not just the few settings that Sony lists.

My advice for anyone thinking of loading either of these presets is to be sure you are aware that nearly every personal setting you have made to your camera will be erased.  So you should save your own ALL file first -- that way you can revert back to your own settings if you don't like the new files from Sony.

My other advice is to take a few minutes and customize your camera so it works the way YOU want it to function -- and then you will be a much happier and more efficient camera operator.

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