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'Seng Wah' shot on FX6


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If you would, please go check out this piece 'Seng Wah' shot about a year ago on the Sony FX6, Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 (gimbal shots), Leica R 35mm f2 (handheld shots), and Mamiya 645 110mm f2.8 (static across the lake shot). We're hoping for a Staff Pick on Indigenous People's Day so your views, comments, likes, and shares are all super appreciated and make a huge difference! Thank you!
A young dancer from San Ildefonso Pueblo shares her journey of self-reflection and gathering ancestral strength to discover her voice and confidence as an artist.
'Sèng Wah' is the first in a short-film series for a program called Azhish. In Diné Bizaad “Azhish!” means to move with tenacity and passion. We harness the spirit of azhish in our native youth program, which seeks to connect indigenous performance artists to their cultural roots while infusing contemporary techniques that are relevant to their present-day lived experience.
Huge thank you to the talented crew, our board of advisors, First People's Fund who supported this film & the companion workshops, and all the local community support in our home in Dinétah and neighboring unceded Tiwa land where this project was produced.


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