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Keep Your Camera's Firmware Up-to-date


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Hey everyone, I'm in LA this week teaching a camera/lighting workshop at the studios of a syndicated television show, and one of the first things I noticed is that none of their FX6 and FS7m2 cameras was running the most recent firmware  . . .  and I don't think they are alone.  It's my impression that a lot of people never bother to update the firmware on their camera(s) when Sony releases new software.  So, I thought I'd post a reminder here to encourage everyone to keep an eye out for new firmware updates and install them as soon as possible after their release.

Firmware updates from Sony are easy to install, they are always free, and they add useful new features and functions to your camera.  For example, earlier this year, firmware 2.0 for the FX6 added picture cache, some amazing new auto-focus features, breathing compensation, bokeh control, new audio meters, and much more.  If you like your FX6 with V1.0, I guarantee you will love your FX6 even more after you update the firmware.  I can honestly say that my FX6 is a far more capable camera today than when I bought it in 2020 . . . and the new features have cost me nothing. All free.

Here's a video I produced last January that provides an overview of new features added with firmware V2.0.  But since then, Sony has released yet another update to add even more features to the FX6.  Now, I must say that none of the new features V3.0 are as groundbreaking as the features we got in V2.0, but I still highly recommend doing the update to V3.0.  A little known fact is that Sony often uses firmware updates to fix minor bugs or enhance performance in ways that they don't necessarily publicize.  So, my advice is to keep your firmware up-to-date --- even if you think the new firmware doesn't add anything to the camera that you care about.

Happy shooting!

FX6 firmware download:


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