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Janwaar -- Documentary Celebrating skateboarding in India (shot on FS7!)


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Hey All - 

Thought I'd share a personal passion project I finished this year.  It's a short documentary called Janwaar that celebrates a rambunctious group of kids whose lives are transformed when a skatepark is built in their small village in India.  

A bit of backstory: I was in Mumbai for a commercial job and I convinced my friend and colleague who I was working with to accompany me to this tiny village to make this doc while we were there.  It was one hell of an adventure!  I am a life-long skateboarder so it meant a lot to visit this place.  

For the gear folks out there: We shot this largely on the Sony FS7 with Zeiss CP.2 primes.  There are a few shots in there from a RED camera and the Fuji XT3 as well.  

Nearly all of my film projects these days are work-for-hire DP or directing gigs.  Rarely do I have time or energy to make something for myself, with no strings attached.  This was one of those times where it all came together to make something fun, low budget, and truly indie.  Enjoy!



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