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Sony SDK (Control Your Camera Through Your Computer!)


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Has anyone else heard of Sony's SDK? If you have some programming ability, you can do all sorts of things with your camera through your computer!! They even provide a detailed setup guide:


The SDK is compatible with most Sony mirrorless cameras, along with the FX6, FX3, and the new FX30.

The possibilities are endless. You could link the SDK with a motion sensor to snap a photo or start recording video upon detecting movement. Imagine being a wildlife photographer/videographer—you could get close-up shots of wild animals, since you wouldn't be frightening them away with your presence. 

If you were tasked with photographing something monotonous, the SDK could make your life easier. Imagine a brand is paying you to photograph their new line of clothing, and they wanted five different angles of each product on a mannequin. Even if you had five cameras, it would be tedious to take each picture by hand—after dressing the mannequin, you'd have to walk to each camera and press the shutter for each photo. And if one camera was positioned overhead for a bird's eye view, you'd have to climb up a ladder each time to press the shutter. With the SDK, you could connect the cameras to your computer and press one button to instantly take five simultaneous pictures.

Or maybe you're taking a lot of HDR photos. Adjusting the exposure between each bracketed shot takes time, and if you're working quickly, you run the risk of making a mistake and setting the wrong exposure. You could use the SDK to make your camera take three pictures at the press of one button, adjusting the exposure between each one by a specified amount of stops. And if your shutter speed was fast enough, the software could take the photos quickly enough that you wouldn't even need a tripod for your HDR work!

I think it's awesome they provide their SDK to anyone for free. Has anyone here created anything cool with it?

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