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Screws on Sony cameras.


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I would never recommend removing screws from Sony cameras, but sometimes it becomes necessary, perhaps for example to remove the mic holder from the handle of an FX6. The cross head screws that Sony use are NOT Philips screws, they are JIS screws. This is important to know because if you try to use a Philips screwdriver on a JIS screw very often the screwdriver will damage the screw head and you may not be able to undo the screw. So, in case you do ever need to remove any of the smaller screws from a Sony camera I would invest in a good quality set of JIS standard screwdrivers. You will need size +0 and +00 for most of the smaller screws. Don't use a Philips screw driver, because even though it might appear to be a good fit the angle of the Philips blades is wrong and they only contact a very small part of the screw head and will damage the screw if it is tight (as they very often are).

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