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FX6: Shooting a Veterans Day Parade just for the fun of it


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In addition to earning a living working in television/video production for the past 40 years, it is also my hobby.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than just getting out and shooting for the fun of it – with no client to answer to or deadline to meet.    Wildlife, sports, and airshows are probably my favorite things to shoot with long telephoto lenses, but I’ll take any opportunity to shoot something that has “photogenic” action.

Parades are fun because it is one of the things where I can use wide-angle lenses and get in close to people and shoot whatever I want without people wondering what the hell I’m doing in their face. Everyone is in a great mood, having a good time, and enjoying the experience --- instead of watching me work.

So, last Saturday I shot the annual Veterans Day parade in Orlando, Florida.  I had shot it once before in 2019 with a FX9 Sony loaned me, and some of that footage has earned enough from stock footage sales that it could have paid for the camera!!  This time I shot the parade with my FX6, in what I call my “full hand-held configuration” mode.  Just me, the camera, and a small backpack, drifting around the route wherever I felt like going.   The FX6 is so small and compact it is really a joy to shoot with.

I encourage anyone to get out and shoot for yourself sometimes.  You build your shooting skills, get to know your gear better, and maybe come away with some stock footage to sell.   😊

Camera: Sony FX6

Lenses: Sony 24-105 f/4 and Sony 20mm f/1.8

Mode: S-LOG3

Format: 4K XAVC-I / 29.97 @ 60 fps

Grading: DaVinci Resolve 18


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How do you like shooting with that RM1BP Remote?  Does the focus work pretty well with a cam like the FX6?  I could see this being handy for wildlife/long lens scenarios when grabbing the lens or camera to hit record or to pull focus could cause shake.



The only function that I use on the RM1BP remote is the RECORD button.  I have it mounted down on the rods near my left hand so I can trigger recording without taking my hand off the grip.   The wooden Ergo Cine grips that I'm using on the FX6 are really made for use with my F55.  On the right-hand grip there is a built-in RECORD button for my thumb that works great with the F55, but the cable connection is not compatible with the FX6.  I suppose I could get someone to make a custom adapter cable but I've gotten used to triggering record with my left hand instead.

Sometimes I will mount the RM1BP on my tripod handle when I'm shooting wildlife wildlife, sports, etc. but not very often because I don't have any FF lenses that have servo zoom control and I already have better methods of focusing than the remote can provide.


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