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Viewing the highlight and shadow rage when shooting using CineEI on the FX6 and FX9


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Here's a quick little tip. When using the CineEI mode on the FX6 or FX9 and monitoring via a LUT a quick way to look at highlights and shadows is via the L/M/H gain switch. Put your chosen shooting EI in the M position then have the lowest EI in the L position and highest in the H position. Shoot with the switch in M. Want to see the highlight range - switch to L, the LUT is darkened allowing you to see what is going on in the highlights. Want to see the shadow range- switch to H, the LUT becomes brighter allowing you to see the shadow range. Just remember to go back to M when you shoot.


The FS7/F5/F55/Venice have a function called Hi/Low Key which does something very similar allowing you to step through normal range, highlight range, shadow range.

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