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The Sony Venice (6k version 1) is in the house


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I've had a lot of cameras over my 10+ year journey of photography and cinematography and I've had a lot of Sonys from A7sii to FS7 to A7iii and FX9 and I've loved every one of them for their different reasons.

As the 2022 year comes to a close I am investing in 2023 by purchasing this used Venice 1 with the plan to level up my commercial work and step into the world of narrative. Sure, gear doesn't matter. Well, a lot of times it does. Will the Venice get me new and exciting work? Maybe. Most likely, no. I have to put in the work and put myself into situations where opportunities may present themselves - then, do my best to act.

Will the Venice inspire me to create? Yes. Will it help me shoot what I want to in 2023? Yes.

Let's see what happens and what kind of images I can create with this thing. Head over to the cinematography threads to see the work.



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