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The RV


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My friend Kyle and I talk frequently about films we want to make. Hopefully, 2023 is the year when we actually make one.

This frame is from a test shoot I did by myself a few weeks back in my RV that sits in the driveway. The concept is dark, scary, and mysterious. The camera is sitting on an apple box. Sony Venice and Tokina Vista Prime 18mm t1.5. There is an Astera Titan Tube outside of the door up above it mounted on a C-Stand and the cyan-ish light is an Aputure 60X with a cyan gel on it coming in from the rear window to the right of frame.

It's important to understand that I didn't just set this stuff up right away. It took me a while to get the scene right. I was playing with the 60X without the gel coming in from another window for quite some time really having trouble. I didn't like what was happening - until I turned the 60X off and saw the Astera on alone. I literally said to myself, "Wow!" That was what I was missing. I played with the cyan-gelled light from a few different angles until I found what I was looking for. 

Sure, this is just one frame but it taught me something - actually a few things. Keep playing, keep experimenting. I've been learning something new day after day for the last 10+ years. You know why? Because I keep making mistakes. 




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