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Best of 2022 - Digital Cinema on a Budget


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Well, it’s that time of the year when the ‘Best of 2022’ lists start rolling out and the purveyors of gear start ranking their favorite pieces of kit.  I personally love these kind of lists.  I love the research and thought that generally goes into the process, but I also can appreciate that much of this stuff is entirely subjective.

One of my personal go-to’s for information about the latest and greatest gear for my job, is  Although I don’t shoot ‘news’ per se, this site caters to folks working in the nonfiction/factual/doc space and they do a very thorough job.  

Their ‘Best of 2022’ rankings just came out and the FX30 stole the show in the Favorite Budget Digital Cinema Camera category  According to NewsShooter’s Matt Allard, “The new FX30 is Sony’s entry-level digital cinema camera and essentially it is a baby FX3 with an APS-C sensor.”  


What do you all think?  Is the sub-$2000 FX30 your entry level ticket to digital cinema?   Are there other contenders this year?  Will we see more new cameras in 2023 sporting a S35 sensor?

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