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Norway and the Northern Lights 2023


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Just a heads up that I will be heading off to Northern Norway on January 11 for my annual trip to shoot the Northern Lights. This year I will be taking my FX3 and FX30 along with my Xperia Pro phone and as the internet connection where we go is better than it used to be I will be trying to live stream the Northern Lights straight from the camera when I can. 


As both the Aurora and the weather are highly unpredictable I don't know exactly when I will be streaming live, but I will post where you can find the streams a bit closer to the time. The sun is currently very active with many sunspots, so if I am lucky I may catch some really good Aurora activity.


The FX3 is a great camera for filming the Northern Lights. The second upper base ISO gives you the sensitivity you need as the Aurora is quite faint. I tend to use a wide, fast lens. My favourite lens is the Sony 24mm f1.4 GM, this is a beautiful lens for anyone that wants to do wide star photography as it has very low coma levels. But I will also be using the 20mm f1.8G and perhaps some longer focal lengths.


My Xperia Pro phone has an HDMI input and updates to the included Monitor app allow you to stream directly from the app to any RTMP server including YouTube at up to 4K. I don't think I will have enough bandwidth for 4K as we go to a very, very remote location. But the combination of the improved app in the phone, HDMI in to the phone from the FX3 and the better local cell phone coverage should mean that for the first time I will be able to stream high quality live Aurora footage.


I will post the links here closer to the time.

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