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Using the A1 for an upcoming feature film


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I'm a previous owner of the FX6 but I'm loving the look and portability of the A1. Yes I'm willing to give up ND's, Cine EI etc. for this. I will be using it on an upcoming thriller but would like to see more cinema oriented features that other brands have at a lesser cost. I do know it's a photo first camera but hey there are no rules as far as the tools go:

-Better exposure tools like a waveform

-Not a big deal between 1/48 and 1/50 shutter but it is kind of annoying not having 1/48 as an option

-8K 4:2:2 10bit at 60P if that's even possible even if it's limited to a few minutes

-120FPS in Super 35

-Lut import

Having owned the FX6, I know it's not a "cineline" camera but I now prefer the A1 even over the FX3 which I also own. 



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