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AirTags on Camera Gear


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I recently joined the world of Apple AirTags, further cementing the death grip Apple tech has over my life.  I am resigned to embracing technology when it works for me and these have been pretty handy.  I put them on all of the normal things: my keys, my dog’s collar, my bike.  

But I am wondering how I can use them to better keep track of my gear.  I saw this article recently on that goes through the recent releases from some well-know camera accessory makers that attempt to embed the little AirTag on your camera.  

For my purposes, I think the SmallRig version could be pretty helpful.  It’d blend in well with the rest of the camera cage and seems pretty bomber.  


The Pelican AirTag Holders are also cool, but I’d want to make sure the whole contraption was hidden well in my case because these don’t disguise the AirTag at all from a would-be tamperer.


Is this being overly paranoid?  Or is it a good way to protect your camera investment?  Anyone already doing this?

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AirTags are great way to keep you from losing your own things, but I'm not sure how well they'd work as a theft deterrent. Apple notifies you via a pop up on your iPhone whenever there's an AirTag nearby. So therefore, if I stole something and I kept getting an AirTag pop up, I would know that there is an AirTag on the stolen goods and that I'd have to find it and remove it in order to keep from getting caught.

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